Monday, June 22, 2009

Illustration Friday - Drifting

Drifting to nowhere

There was once a man afloat on a tapped cardboard box
He would set sail along the rough sea
As the journey went on from place to place
He wouldn’t set one foot on the dry land
He witness numerus events that would make a normal people’s
Jaw drop so wide that your can fit two set of TV.

The man afloat on toward to a no man’s land
As days and years went by
He still refuses to land
The rough sea eventually eat through the box
As he sinks a sudden impulse of idea came to him
The man grabs out a transmitter and switches it “On” mode
He hopes this will give other an indication of his where about
A journey of solitude
A man who once said globalization was like a plague, its spread
So quickly even a slight of spark, it soon becomes a wild fire…

© By Hung Lin 2009


adam taylor said...

i love cardboard-box art! the face in the background is a fun touch as well

bluelilac said...

I love your sense of humour.
Neat story!

donny* said...

this is great! love the colors and line work. the background is mesmerizing.