Saturday, September 18, 2010

Illustration Friday - Acrobat

An Ideal Obsession

How does an athlete deem it self
They seem to be on the pinnacle
Been constant deem a perfect human should look like
We are awe for this perfection while our genetic make up
have make us into different shape and sizes
A gene where it passes from generations
While there is this constant self changes
With wind of propaganda sweeping passes through
Like a storm every moment
Not only swirling around in our waking life but also
where we slept we dream this perfect images
With a wave of voices screaming in the same tone
How we should look and where to look...

© By Hung Lin 2010


michele said...

What soulful expression in your words and art! Wonderful!

blissful chick said...

i keep coming back to this.. great!