Saturday, December 29, 2007



There once was a man grip by the balloon
soaring upward into the sky

But he still chain his leg with an anchor on the ground
just in case when he felt the need to come back down

When he was hovering in the mid sky high above the ground
he felt a sense of claim and control, a zone where he
was belong.

He could felt the wind breeze brush him by, as if other people
were also hovering up in the sky like him disguise as wind
saying "Hello".

© By Hung Lin 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



A man that have a gloom mood as always sitting
outside of his horizon forever gazing at the world

Alone with no one to talk but himself
With his curiosity grew and obscure his view

Slowly turn into madness
wondering what people might say behind his back

Every morning he will sit outside of his house looking
out to the world, at night time he will then use his
telescope to spy any naughty kid try to across his border

You see the border is open for anyone to dare to across,
but neither any one dare to cross the line.

© By Hung Lin 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007


Little Things

Sometime a little things such as a gift of a single flower
can be a powerful gesture to represent a symbol of love to
someone that is close to you.

But when you start to look into her eyes, you wants that same
feeling to be felt through her, as if she may understand your
thoughts and feelings toward her.

Then you may wish you can pick her brain, and see what kind
of game she is playing with you.

love is too complex and over cooked...

© By Hung Lin 2007