Saturday, February 23, 2008

Illustration Friday- Multiple


A man walk into a room with his pride on his back
He knee down on to the ground starring down at his

But his pride refuse to starred down, with multiple signs
beside him.

A man should look at his failure and weakness before pursue
the climbing the Everest the ultimate high.

© By Hung Lin 2008


Computerarte said...


Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Wow, this is truly awesome! Beautiful and powerful!

Zórdís said...

One should indeed look and consider before acting! Nice work!

kind regards from Bing Dao,

Richard Cardona said...

Sometimes it's a long way down. I like your thinking, and look forward to seeing more of your work. Great illustration.

quiet storm said...

Your style is captivating. I am planning on checking back to see what you produce in weeks to come. Way to go!

Detlef said...

Good stuff.

Lucy Autrey said...

Your art and poems make me laugh (I hope that is what's intended). Nice work!

Philippa said...

Lovely work. thought provoking. The illustration is great.

Tim Hunt said...

Your work is truly impressive. So much is conveyed with seeming simplicity. Truly brilliant.