Monday, June 30, 2008


A ferocious thought

Why do we put our fierce behavior behind close door

Why we must hide our feeling whenever we are out in the open

When do our true color emerge
Can't we put our fierce and mutated self
on the leash for a public display

How many roles must we play
How many masks must we wear

Does one knows a wolf wears sheep clothing
It house of cards may one day be blown down

One must control this fierce behavior
But some felt it time to unleash this wild beast

Who am I

A deep question as deeper as this surely
one must answer

But how can we answer this question
How how

Am I a puppet or a puppeteer

Aren't we all got a bit of Doctor Jekyll
and Mr Hyde hiding inside of us

Umm how I wonder

© By Hung Lin 2008


Heather said...

Very interesting thought to ponder. I like the way the civilized figure seems to have the monster well in hand.

Greatbatch || Studio said...

yes excellent piece our wild natures to tidy tame.